6 comments on “Field Notes: Ice Ribbons and Frost Flowers

  1. These are amazing. I remember when you first saw them. I never got to, as was not hiking then, but look forward to seeing them this year. Thanks for sharing. Love ur Rick

  2. Lee! What little miracles you’ve found! I never seen anything like them. My Stars – Nature is a riddle, mystery & bountiful Mother. I love Her.
    And you!
    Thanks for adding so much to my otherwise drab existence;-)

    • My Dearest Aunt LuRain,
      You have given me hope for this world, your Love of life and it beautiful details makes Rick and I joyful. Nature is my Soul and I know she Loves you back :o)
      I cannot image you were ever Drab!
      Love You,
      Lee xx00

    • Thanks Steve, I have posted about Frost Flowers on several occasions as they occur regularly in several micro-climate locations in Hot Springs National Park.
      Kindest Thoughts and Wishes,

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