Hot Springs Mountain Trail

Length: 1.7 Mile Loop
Elevation: 1200 ft above Sea level – 600 ft above the City of Hot Springs

This is a wonderful hike for families and those who do not hike often the terrain is varied with many pleasant places to stop.  Begin at the picnic area at the top of Hot Springs Mountain.  If you take a morning hike you can end the outing with a picnic lunch an afternoon hike can finish with a family BBQ.  You can hike up or drive as parking is available.

The trail marker is on the far right of the picnic area at the beginning of the Short Cut Trail.  Take the trail going to the left and follow it to the Pavilion/Pagoda.  Hike up to the Pagoda and you will be treated to a spectacular view of the valley, lakes and mountains.  After you leave the Pagoda continue along the trail until you reach the Shelter.  At the Shelter you can sit and rest on the stone bench that encircles the inside of the enclosure.  Alert for families with small children you will need to cross the road to continue on the Hot Springs Mountain Trail. There are additional crossing please see next paragraph.

The second leg of your adventure is a lovely winding path through the forest.  This path has a variety of flat, incline and down slope and you will need to make another crossing of the Hot Springs Mountain Road mid way and twice again at the top of trail going back to the picnic area.  If there are missing trail signs at any junctions just take trail to the left.


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