11 comments on “Blogging U #photo101 – Edges Created by Man and Nature

  1. Nice photos! I used the window right above that Fordyce awning for my photo101 “Architecture” photo. It still surprised me whenever your photos of familiar places pop up on my computer screen. 🙂

    • Me too Betty… I took a walk down the street and some thoughts about lines. After I posted the blog I drove to the store and a remodeling crew was ripping out the cobalt blue tiles. Broken my heart as they were a really great photography focal point.

      • Oh Yes its really annoying when things like that happen, there is someone doing graffiti around the village on lots of my favourite shots. But cobalt tiles – how beautiful!

      • I am sad to hear they have been desecrating your favorite photo areas in the village by tagging 😦 I hope they put them back after the redesign of the frontage and awning. I did not see any graffiti but the Historic District has had a lot of tagging lately.

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