3 comments on “The art project that is my life: Evolution to Vegan

  1. What a gorgeous hike and photos. It’s amazing having been to most of the major art museums in the country and nothing beats this. Some might scratch their head regarding the connection of nature and veganism, but there is no way to really explain it, unless someone has experienced it. I watched you doing it for about a year, stubborn in my ways, seeing positive changes but not “being ready” for that kind of change; plus I didn’t think it would work for me, yet I was wrong, and glad I was. xxx0x0x

  2. I love this blog baby. I’m so proud of you for being patient with yourself, and me, as our bodies slowly adjusted to a new, positive healthy diet, after years of abusing it (but not knowing we were). Fast forward a few years and its so easy (for us) “to get” the connection between the diet, and our ability to “commune with nature”. I believe nature and the mountains would have still been beneficial (had we not changed our diets) but the benefits would have been minimal to what happens today. We are blessed and lucky to have this new chance at life. x0x0x0

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