5 comments on “The Crime Scene in Hot Springs National Park

  1. This was such a shock. I guess it should not have been given the amount of butts. We were on that trail last week and saw a butt where I was resting and Lee and I both said, ” I wonder if the smoker knows how easy it is for that butt to grow into a flame?” Lee said, ” I don’t think they even care”; and we’d been under a fire alert due to a lot of dry weather. Am not sure how they contained this one so fast; though it only burned about 100 sq ft or so; we know from what we hear in the trees, under the straw/leaves etc, all perished from one careless idiot. When we got back I looked on the net to see if there was anything about it and no news released If the wind had been right; and someone (ore the fire itself) had not been able to put itself out; it could have so easily burned the entire North Mountain, home to just about every kind of animal you’ve ever seen or of which you’ve heard plus several of the major hotels (that were full) at the base of them. PEOPLE BEWARE on the trail. If you have to have nicotine get the patch,gum, chewing tobacco or anything that doesn’t catch on fire. It’s a very dangerous way to observe nature and, had it grown any bigger or faster, whomever started it could have easily perished as well.

  2. I know this hurts your heart a lot Lee but remember what beautiful and lush vegetation
    so often arises after forest fires. So sad about the animals but we always have to accept — if not understand — life’s cycles, even ones that should not have been. So sorry
    for your loss. Hyacinth

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