One comment on “Knights Of The Forest

  1. I so much loved this part of the hike. There was not a lot of wildlife out that day because it was Labor Day and so many hikers and then ahead we saw some animals bigger than bears. We do have bears here but they are the tiny kind (not much bigger than a few feet) and do not bit or hurt people). And when the horses got closer it turned out they were our protectors…..our local sheriff’s department (and though employed with the department), they did this on their own horses and their own time with no pay. These are great guys and today we hiked again and felt a lot safer, knowing they are patrolling the trails. The interesting part is they (the lawmen) were having a great time, the horses were happy to be there (I’ve volunteered with enough horses to know if they are happy or not) and Lee grew up around them…..and the conversation was excellent. And for those from my facebook group, the lawman on the back horse grew up in Laurel (I kid you not). 🙂 Great photos baby, and a fantastic day to hike. Love ur DH Rick x0x0x

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