One comment on “A “Little” Summer Shower Blasts Hot Springs National Park

  1. That was a gorgeous light show but sadly the storm did a lot of damage and misplaced and or killed a lot of families. The 1st 2 days we saw no living things; yesterday a few were coming back (or out of hiding) which is a good sign. These storms have double edged swords. The forest is scorched and animals are suffering and plants dying; that rain was so needed, but it came fast and furious and did damage of its own. Hopefully all will recover soon. It was great to get back out on a high mountain hike after 2 months of physical therapy from an injury. TY baby for having me come along. Beautiful pics. Love ur DH Rick PS To other viewers, I only was awake for a few hours of that storm; I fell asleep and snored through most of it.

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