2 comments on “Pileated Woodpecker Brothers in Hot Springs National Park

  1. This is the kind of thing we see, and immediately one knows if nature appeals to them or not. If it is art in the highest form (or not). I love surprises, and not in a million years did I expect this one; one closeup maybe but two is an incredible find. I know they are abundant here (the pileated woodpecker) but they usually are way up in the upper trees; not at eye level and just a few feet away. The Gods of Nature photography most definitely smiled upon you today; I am so excited that you were able to capture these amazing creatures on cam. The video is WELL-worth watching (below the pics) and on full-screen (whomever reads this). Just to watch even on video brings out the kid in anyone. Two thumbs up on these. Love ur DH Rick x0xx0x0

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