5 comments on “Wildflowers Everywhere and a Surprise Discovery

  1. Again a gorgeous blog. I had a feeling the molting cardinal….I saw it driving a tiny red lamborghini with a chick under each arm. Oy, it was disgusting. But these things happen. The moths and wildflowers are always gorgeous; the pentunias and cone flowers particularly. Seeing the wide view of the trails is gorgeous; especially that I got to travel a few of them with you today which was really a treat. Love ur DH Rick x0x0

  2. Lee,
    Some of these floral shots are among your very best!

    You may ask the Park Service about this, but I’d bet the cactus wound up there “by accident” more than any other reason (maybe hitched a ride with a hiker!) – but it can be invasive and slowly spread. I have that same kind in several places in my yard, and as I understand it came from someone dumping a potted one out there – and it just took and spread. Keep an eye on it, and you should see it put out big yellow flowers sometime soon…

    … and again, excellent job capturing the beautiful Spring flowers in the National Park!

    • Mark you need to get up the Goat Rock Trail it is is full bloom with more to come… perfect for you camera and easel 🙂 I remember last year you emailed the Cone Flower painting. Thank You for your kind comment, I was in heaven with all the beautiful Wildflowers… it was hard to stop taking photographs.

      Let me know when you want to hike Rick and I would love to meet you… and I have a book for you too!

      Kindest Thoughts and Wishes,

  3. WOWWWWW!!! I thought I posted way too many photos on my own travel blog because I just can’t decide which not to post but yours were way more than mine, and GORGEOUS, with a capital G:) Why choose when they are all so lovely? Post ’em all, I say!!:D

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