4 comments on “Moths, Butterflies, Wildflowers and Fordyce Peaks Hiking Along the Sunset Trail

  1. Had no idea what this was going to look like; since I knew you were braving a mt you’d never climbed. It is gorgeous. I love all of it; from the turtles to the moths and butterflies. A lot of these creatures and flora I’ve never seen and as you know I’ve been here 12+ years. Wow. Really look forward to being able to climb that one. That is a gorgeous view. Thanks baby. Love ur DH Rick x0x0x0x

  2. Lee, I l-o-v-e the Luna moth! Too cool! I’ve never seen one before. You have so many more buds and flowers than we do. I can’t wait until it all bursts forth! Always love your photos!

    • Lynn Spring started 3 weeks earlier than last year based on the photographs taken around same time in 2010. The Luna Moth was such an unexpected gift after a long hike… I never expected to see one as I am rarely out after dark.
      Lee xx00

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