7 comments on “Dances with Crows

  1. He/she’s a beauty. Let those who not like crows..well let them eat people. This one wanted to make friends. They more often fly off. Love ur Rick x0x0x0

  2. The photos are wonderful. I think crows get rather a bad rap. They are so intellegent. They also seem to know who will stop and let them take their time getting off the road and who won’t!

  3. Lee, such a lovely blog! It must be my experience with birds that almost gives me a sixth sense about that crow. I know those facial expressions; innocent curiosity,and “I think I like you!”

    Enjoyed your blog and photos, Lee. And thank you for the dedication! That crow will be back again – it recognized a sweet soul! 😉

    • Dear Reiko,
      Remember when you wrote the piece about your birds for my Love Column… that is why I became attuned to the delicate nature of birds. Thank YOU!

      PS It was the most beautiful moment dancing with a Crow!

  4. Hi and great pictures of a much maligned bird. Your letter to “Dearest Crow” completes this wonderful post.

    I live oceanside on the West Coast of Florida. Our seagull are dancers, too.


    Phil Edwards

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