5 comments on “Field Notes: Turkey Vultures

  1. I have a story you might enjoy; Going on 3 years ago, my husband brought home an egg that he had found at a home that had burnt. Well, on April 18th, we had a cute but strainge addition to the family. A peachish/tan colored bird came along, with a black beak and face. Otherwise known as a baby buzzard. We couldn’t find anyone who knew what for us to feed him or anything else. All they would say was take him back to the wooda and let mother nature take care of him. There was no way that was going to happen. We said we had raised alot of other wildlife and we were going to figure something out. We did and now he will be 3 years old in April. He was raised with our bulldog, and now they think they are brothers. He thinks of me as mom I guess. He’s very protective of me and our family. I have a 7 & 13 year old girls and he will play with all of us, he loves to play chase and tug a war, especially with shoestrings. He want fly away, want eat raw meat(it has to be cooked), and he has a cage that is his home and when he gets ready, he puts his self to bed. It truely is amazing. And he don’t like cold weather, he has a heater in his house. I have a video and pics of him and his best friend, his brother playing. It is unreal how they are together. He even knows his name and sometimes he’ll even bark at you. Thanks for letting me know that someone else actually likes vulchers (or in my case, buzzards—Buzzy–my vulchers name). If others would take the time to understand wildlife, and watch them and then realize how amazing they really are and that they are all here for important reasons and that they are truely alot smarter than most people know. Thanks!!!

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