5 comments on “Tiny Birds Within The Late Autumn Forest

  1. Really love this blog and am surprised at all the exotic birds starting to flourish in the cold weather. Amazing the debris around the woodpecker as it pecks away, love the creeper and warblers etc. Last of the Autumn leaves; I noticed that on our short hike yesterday. But everything is alive (in a new way) and you are picking it up beautifully. Thanks. I love you. Rick

  2. Love your pics which have been passed on all over the world.

    Fully agree on dogs. We regularly walk our well mannered dobermans on the HS park trails and ill-handled dogs, specially small ones, are our biggest obstacles. I feel few owners even realize they are to maintain tight controls over the animal in the presence of an unknown dog or approaching strangers. They also don’t realize the hideous potential outcome of their ignorance.

    You have the right of way,

    • Thank You stopping by my blog :o) I hope one day to meet you on the Trails… please say hello! I Love Dogs and my complaint is with those who do not care enough for their beautiful babies to train them. Would love to take photo of you and your Dobemans one day.
      Kindest Thoughts and Wishes,

  3. PS You know how much I love dogs. But they do not belong in the park. It may be impossible to keep them out, but if they are there, the law has to patrol it to where they KNOW the dog is under control and on a leash. Ideally, they should be in the park below the promenade, not in the forest where a dog or cat is not conducive to that environment and actually destroys the ecosystem. It is also very dangerous for the dog or cat to be there.

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