3 comments on “Along the Sunset Trail to Music Mountain

  1. Lee,
    You found one of the parks’ secrets up
    on West Mt. !! There are indeed several
    good vista’s on the trail over to ( a part of Sunset trail ) Music Mt.
    and views of the airport and highway 270 near Mt. Pine junction.
    There is also a new tower going up near the
    Western-most current tower on West Mt.
    The National Park Service has been working on
    Sunset trail this summer trying to improve the
    rugged trail terrain, mainly on the Music Mt. area
    of the trail, which is the highest point in Hot Springs
    National Park. The rocky areas
    near the switchbacks are difficult to maintain and
    rough on equipment, but the trails are actually being improved.
    If you go out to Music Mt. from West Mt. towards
    the trailhead at Blacksnake Rd., you will pass by several
    wild plum trees along the trail and some cool rocks. You should be sure to take
    water and your camera for this trail !!

    Thanks for the photos !!!

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