5 comments on “Summer Tanager, Rose Chafer, Chipmunk and Rabbit

  1. Excellent Photography. I’ve been taking images professionally for 40+ (diagnostic Imaging) yrs. Photography is a hobby, so I really do admire your work.

    • Thank You Kathy, I love seeing what the camera will reveal when I get home. Nature is very kind to me :o) its allows me to enter the Forest and see the often invisible.

      Kindest Thoughts and Wishes,

  2. Great photos, Lee!
    The green beetle pictured in the
    3rd photo is what we Arkies call Junebugs.
    As a child, we used to catch them and
    tie a kite-string to their leg and let them fly
    while holding the string. …. oh what
    fun in the good
    old days playin with Junebugs….

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