2 comments on “Female Summer Tanager, Eastern Cottontails and Chipmunks

  1. Hey Lee,

    Your “Mystery Insect” is a Cricket! Considered Good Luck by many – including Me and Walt Disney.

    My morning hikes don’t take me as far as the National Park areas these days (and if they did, it would be close to 100-degrees by the time I made it home) – but I’m glad you live close enough to visit in the cooler hours and get these great shots!

    Keep up the great work and stay cool!

    • Thank You for the ID Mark Wow that is one wild Cricket, the spikes reminded me of a New Zealand Weta which is a wild looking Grasshopper type insect. Used to find them all over when I lived there. http://bit.ly/bLxcG6

      Kindest Thoughts and Wishes,

      PS May the luck of the Crickets be with you :o) They have to be lucky I saw the beautiful female Summer Tanager not long after the Cricket appeared.

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