3 comments on “The Best Of: Birds 2010

  1. These are excellent baby and thank you for introducing me to so many of them. It is amazing ot me that they “know” us and some of them even escort us down the path. The mockingbirds are my faves as they sing along with us (same tune) while the exotics like the pileated woodpeckers look like they should be in the Peruvian Rain Forest. Amazing it is right in our yard. Love it. Love your photography, and that we get to hang the pics in our studio. I love you. Your husband, Rick

  2. Hi Lee,your bird pictures are super,the colors amazing,the Blue jay,and Tufted Titmouse,are my faves,but they are all wonderful,thank you for showing them,your so generous,with you photography,.Lyndon.

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