6 comments on “The Best Of: Squirrels

  1. Love them all. Great squirrel pics Baby. Feel like you’ve introduced them to me. Love ur Rick

  2. Wonderful – God save these dear babies from all the sturm und drang Humans have wrot.
    Seeing them refreshes my soul.
    Love, LuRain

    PS I wish it would rain here – been months. We parched & edgy from the positive ions – 😉

  3. I love these little critters. We have a ton of them here in Sarasota, Florida. In my book, Three Hundred Zeroes: Lessons of the Heart on the Appalachian Trail my most humorous encounter, despite all the bears and rattlesnakes, was a red squirrel up in Maine. The reds are much more aggressive than the grays and this little guy was my match.

    I still love them anyway.


    • LOL Dennis the Reds Erie PA were tough little sweeties… they even kept the much bigger fox squirrels in line :o) Would love to do the Appalachian Trail one day.
      Kindest Thoughts and Wishes,

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