2 comments on “Memorial Day: A Tribute to my Father

  1. Lee, This was such a precious and touching tribute. I know your dad would be very proud of you. The mimosa photos are beautiful! I loved this! Thank you for this lovely post!

  2. Even though I know this story, I love hearing or reading it over again. It reminds me of what is really important, and, how even if it is against the grain, especially if it is against the grain, it can be, and usually is important. To your Dad, it was merely a good deed and the way any good person should lead their life. To those he helped, it often was (likely) a matter of eating that day or not. It is ironic that you would use mimosas in the photo as, when I was a child, that was all we had in our tiny home (which is now an ambulance service) in the back yard until age four. I climbed those trees every day and loved hanging upside down on the limbs. I was surprised when we came across a mimosa in the park yesterday. Beautiful picture. Beautiful store. Loe your Rick

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