5 comments on “The Awakening Spring Forest

  1. A few miles from where I live is a small state park. I used to hike on its trails about five or so miles four or five times a week. When I started carrying a camera, I began slowing down and stopping often to take photos. That’s when I began seeing deer. Now I no longer go to that park to hike five or so miles. I go to that park to photograph the wildlife — especially the deer. I enjoy your posts. Have fun.

  2. Yes,
    I enjoy your posts also. Those little chipmunks are
    delightful !! . Cool pics !! Aren’t the trails
    such a cool place in the mornings ??
    Your photos will help those who can’t get out to enjoy those wonderful places !! Thank You !

    • Thank You Tony I am hoping it might entice a local population to rediscover the park. Yes, I Love the Mornings in the park it is wonderful I love the peaceful way the small creatures move about. My fiance’ Rick and I were hiking this evening and saw K. Carr on the Trail. See out in the park.

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