5 comments on “Baby Buds, Drops of Life and a Forest Ghost on the Hot Springs Trails

  1. Lee you can teach us so much about how we can embrace a love of nature to teach us how to protect it. It is an honor to be learning from you and inspired each time we visit your lessons. You are a talented environmental educator!

    • Bob, Nature open her arms to me, show me both the grand scale and the tiniest element of creation. I feel blessed by each secret that is revealed, in my heart I know I must do all I can to protect her.

  2. You are such a dear my friend. I love to hike these trails with you. And I so enjoyed talking and writing about you. These are beautiful pictures. I so love the raindrop photos.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and inspiration. To walk in nature is an honor and priviledge. Wish this pleasure for every citizen of the planet. Thank you again for displaying the wonders of nature in such an eloquent manner.

  4. What a beautiful blog Princess…This is so well written, and came on such a foggy day that lifted. The branch with water tells a full story unto itself. Love what you’ve written and all the gorgeous pics.

    Love Ur Rick

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