2 comments on “Littering, Vandalism and Garbage Dumping on the Hot Springs Trails

  1. Great Article Lee!

    It always saddens me to see trash in nature or even along our highways!
    People need to be more responsible and not harm the world around us with their actions such as the ones featured here…even the seeming harmless scribbles of undying love on a rock or tree mar the scenery and can do harm to the tree…

    Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

    Hugs and Love!


  2. This is the post I was so hoping might have been fixed but alas, it seems to have only worsened. Please, those who visit National Parks (or any park), realize, for many of us, this is our backyard. You would not want someone throwing litter in your backyard; nor vandalizing your home. This is also the front yard to many living creatures. Think and think again before littering. The park service has been notified and they are on watch. Ty Baby for a well-written but sad piece. Your RL

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