4 comments on “A Sad Day for our National Parks

  1. Great website, love the pics !!
    We share the same interests in trying to show
    others the beauty of Gods’ creation that is right
    here before us in Hot Springs National Park
    and surrounding areas. Thanks for the
    great info. and photos !! Keep up the good work !

    • Hi Tony!
      Thanks for taking the time to speak with me this morning. Don’t forget you and Kevin promised to send along some pictures. My fiance’ Rick and I appreciate the work you all do keeping the Park great place to hike.
      Have a Lovely Weekend

  2. As I dont think the ban on guns is the only reason for thr record of no Ranger death by gun shot.But more the type of people that enjoy the National Parks. The number of people who carry gun into the Parks would suprise everyone.Lifting the ban may or maynot make a difference ,but I know guns will still be taken into the Parks…….

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