4 comments on “Birds of Many Feathers Flock Together on the Hot Springs Trails

  1. I love today’s blog, Baby. This was so cool because you stayed out a bit longer, and I started to worry a little; then of course you came in, and with all these wonderful shots! They are incredible. I love the new brown thrasher (sp?), and the colorful stained glass rock formation on the stone. And all the other shots. These are GORGEOUS. Kudos to you, and congrats on today’s events. xx0 Love Ur Rick

  2. Hey Lee
    this is a wonderful post and just amazing pics. As someone who has spent many years in doing field work in the bush in Australia I know how hard it is to get such awesome close up pics on any animal. I am also a huge fan of lichens and have some of my own lichen on rock pics. Wish many more people had our love of nature. Thanks for sharing the link with me @WWF_Climate and you can follow me @aerlic where I spend my private twitter time 🙂

    • Hi Claire,
      WOW thank you for dropping by! The climate in Hot Springs has changed in the past 10 yrs. Winters have meant snow and ice instead of only slightly cooler temperatures. The park was closed to general population for 4 days in the past week, only myself and a couple of other hikers attempted to enter. The four days of limited access allowed the park’s residents to move about freely and I was lucky to see some of the larger birds. Only day even heard small howls, which would mean fox moving about. I have been hiking so much my instincts are get better at spotting birds and small mammals. Spring will bring out the lizards, toads, snales and frogs which will wonderful to observe.

      I think lichens are Nature’s paint in the winter and fungus her flowers. It’s mesmerizing once you notice how beautiful the tiniest of details in the forest make up a single landscape. Would love to see your lichen pictures!

      My hope is this blog will inspire others to Love Nature. Thank You and the WWF for looking out for our planet.

      PS: Just followed your personal Twitter account.

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