4 comments on “Woodpeckers And Blue Jays Shadow Me on the Hot Springs Trails

  1. These are such beautiful shots. I miss the snow and ice so much here in Southern California — transplanted from a number of colder places. Your photos and descriptions bring the cold Winter back to me, and I truly appreciate them all! Please say hello to Rick for me, and I wish you both the best, and look forward to more posts soon. ~Steve

  2. When I saw the weather this a.m. I almost yelled “NO WAY” but you had gone. I was so glad to hear the whole story when you returned. The footprints in the snow/ice reminded us both at the same time of that great classic poster on the beach “You are not alone”; but these were YOUR footprints that guided you back home. What a great trek, and I love how the birds are getting to know you and follow you as you hike. Hope you run into some of the “cellphone mockingbirds”. Hear they are hilarious. The woodpeckers are my favorite. This is really a very fun and beautiful journal into the nature in our own back yards. Amazing how often art of this velocity, is so often taken for granted. Thank you Baby for sharing it’s beauty. Love xx0 Rick

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