6 comments on “Ice, Snow and Sunshine on the Hot Springs National Park Trails

  1. Your account of this journey is beautiful and oh, so visual.
    Reading it made me feel I was there.
    Thank you.

    • Thank You Carmen for joining me on my hike today, it is a joy to know others are seeing the beauty I have been blessed to experience. I hope you will hike along with me often.
      Kindest Thoughts and Wishes,

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  3. I have to admit this hike scared me a bit (even though I was home), but you came back in record time with beautiful shots and I love the work. I love watching you pull it all together and making it a story even after all the hard work of going out on the trails (which I know is gr8 fun too) but then journaling it. Love Ur Rick

    • I LOVE YOU BABY! I am always careful so I can come home safely to the Man I Love!
      You are the sunlight as it rises to kiss the top of the trees in the early morning. ~ Lee Hiller
      Love Your DF,

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