4 comments on “The Calm Before the Storm

    • Thank You Debra! It is the only place to be… Love being with Rick and he shared his mountain with me… Now I am having a Love affair with the Park. Love, Lee

  1. Hi Lee,

    First of all I want to commend you on your daily hikes exploring the “The Hot Springs National Park.” It must be such an adventure, stress reliever, and great exercise to boot! There are places in the East
    Bay that offer hiking trails but so far I’ve not made the commitment to exploring them quite like you do.

    Your pictures are stunning and capture the apparent stillness that is winter. At first when I see winter in the park I am saddened by the cold weather and feel for what the wild animals must endure. It instantly brings to my mind the fact that all is impermanence and going through changes. Being a Buddhist and a Feng Shui freak I look at nature with a different kind of understanding. According to the old Pali cannons, man’s moral degeneration has an adverse effect on nature that goes even further than simple changing of the seasons. I’m happy to see this place is being protected.

    That’s why I also appreciate and admire your reverent attitude towards nature, i.e., you’re not wanting to startle the nesting birds seeking shelter in a warmer place, and not wanting to break the icy fallen branches you came across on your path. These are acts of loving kindness and demonstrate to me that you value all life.

    Concerning the wild birds, the cardinals, they may need a helping hand with their food source during the cold winter months when they burn extra calories to keep themselves warm. Don’t be afraid to feed them when the weather is cold unless park regulations advise against it. Just remember to stop feeding them when the weather warms up or they’ll gather where you fed them and predators can find them more easy. In Buddhism a kindness to animals is considered a source of merit, you are earning credits to improve your lot in life by helping them.

    Ok I’ve said enough and you may not share my views. Love to you and Rick, looking forward to your continued hiking adventures. -Tina

    • Dear Tina,
      I do share your views… it is why I thank each creature after it allows me to take a photo. The breaking limbs of the trees hurt as they too are living beings of this earth. Never be afraid to express yourself here your comments are always welcome. Love You Lee and Rick xx00 PS: Thank You for the Buddha Seed I will nurture it in my heart and share it’s blossoms.

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