7 comments on “The Morning Tree, Old Friends and Feathered Ones

  1. WOW~! I am fairly sure you have captured shades of blue in the sky that did not previously exist! WELL DONE! Breathtaking photography! Beautiful writing!
    Anita @ModelSupplies

    • Thank You Anita! The sky in Hot Springs is a spectacular blue it makes an amazing backdrop to my photos. I appreciate your visiting my blog. Hugs and Love, Lee

  2. Cedar Waxwings are gorgeous birds. I’m always thrilled to see the version of the blue jay you get in your neck of the woods. Different from our California Scrub Jays and Stellars Jays, both called blue jays in these parts. Enjoying your photos of birds!

    • The Cedar Waxwings arrived in a flock just a few days ago and have taken over the lower part of the park :o) so beautiful. The Blue Jays are amazing and the color and shapes catch your eye immediately. Thank you for your lovely comments and taking the time to read my blog, Hugs and Love, Lee

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