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Carolina Wren feeding Among the Icicles and Snow

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Nature’s song of Love sings softly to those who listen with their Heart. ~ Lee Hiller

I was mesmerized watching this little Carolina Wren hanging off the lichen covered rock face. It dove under icicles, shoved its head into the snow and presses his beak into the cracks in the rock.  My favorite maneuver by far was when the little sweetie laid on its side in the snow to reach behind an icicle.

Love to ALL!

Hiking with My Husband June Wk 2: When Squirrels Rule the World

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I am dedicating this blog to my beloved husband Rick. An injury will leave him sidelined from the hiking trails and his Forest for nearly a month and a half.  Be brave baby I promise the Forest will be waiting with open arms for your return after you heal.  Until then we will always have our gentle stroll on the promenade to visit and sing with the Mockingbirds, Gray Catbird and Brown Thrashers.

This month hiking has been a Squirrel fest,  emerging from nests are many new and old friends.  Lovely Juveniles out foraging for the first time alone and old friends showing up as we head into the Forest. Lovely pregnant soon to be Moms, search for nuts is the soft green grass.  As I look through my photos from that past two weeks at the many Squirrels appearing throughout the park it hard to imagine a world without them.  Some of Natures sweetest gifts often have four paws and a bushy tail.

Love to You ALL!


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