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Some Of My Favorite Moments from 2010

Hot Springs Mountain Road - Lost Puppy

Hot Springs Mountain Road – Lost Puppy

January 16 2010Lost shot conceals a hidden treasure

This was the first day I blogged about a hike in Hot Springs National Park. I saw the puppy above on the Hot Springs Mountain Road and after failing to catch it I thought posting a photograph might let the owner know it was still alive. The blog got the attention of my Twitter and facebook friends so I decided to continue posting my adventures. I backed dated and added images and information from my notes to create posts going back to first day I hiked in Hot Springs National Park in November 2009. Over the past year I have posted 8,665 images, made 251 blog entries and begun making videos as well. I am thankful to have been able to upgrade from using a compact camera to a DSLR this past November.

To those who have read my blog this past year I am grateful for your company as I hike ;) You kind thoughts and comments are a treasure beyond words.

Hot Springs National Park Ice Snow HS Mountain Trail

Hot Springs National Park Ice Snow HS Mountain Trail

February 2010 – The Lovely Creatures of the Forest on the Hot Springs Trails

Hot Springs National Park Pagoda Cedar Waxwing

Hot Springs National Park Pagoda Cedar Waxwing

March 2010 – Peregrine Falcon, Wildflowers, Lovely Birds and Small Mammals

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Birds-Foot Violet and Hornet

April 2010 – Snakes, Lizards and a Turtle Happy Earth Day!

Upper Dogwood Trail Texas Rat Snake

May 2010 – Lovely Dragonflies, Butterflies, Moths, Bumble Bees and Wildflowers

Floral Trail Blue Moth

June 2010 – Bunnies, Baby Birds and a Sweet Chipmunk

Tufa Terrace Chipmunk

July 2010 – Baby Birds on Soul Day

Superior Bathhouse Northern Mockingbird Chick

August 2010 – The Glorious Wings of Summer

Promenade Butterfly Weed Brown Orange Moth

September 2010 – Winging My Way Through the Park and Twilight Snakes

Hot Springs Mountain Road Copperhead

October 2010 – Testing new camera among the Autumn Leaves

Arlington Lawn House Sparrow

November 2010 – Beautiful Birds of West and Music Mountains & Woodpeckers, Chickadees and Who is the Rock Stacker?

West Mountain Oak Trail Autumn

West Mountain Canyon Trail Seed Pod

December 2010 – A Mixed Flock Of Little Birds and a Near Miss

Hot Springs Mountain Top Red Breasted Nuthatch

Field Notes: Turkey Vultures
Field Notes: Wild About Mockingbirds
Field Notes: Ice Ribbons and Frost Flowers
Field Notes: Damselfly Dragonfly its in the Wings and Eyes
Field Notes: Mixed-Species Foraging Flock Robins and Waxwings
Field Notes: Woodpeckers Of Hot Springs National Park

The Best Of: Trails and Paths
The Best Of: Butterflies and Moths
The Best Of: Birds
The Best Of: Squirrels
The Best Of: Chipmunks


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