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Pansies, Northern Mockingbirds and Green Fountains on St. Patricks Day

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In the park, the plaza, the city children are running and families are celebrating St. Patricks Day in Hot Springs Arkansas.  Nature is being engulfed in a party and in the distance the faint sound of Celtic pipes and drums are getting louder with each step.  Fountains are bubbling green and people are out enjoying a perfect Hot Springs Day.  The pansies are in full bloom creating a colorful display among the revelers.

In Hot Springs National Park the Northern Mockingbirds are singing and mimicking a wide variety of sounds.  As always my husband Rick has a lovely song fest with the birds and I suspect the next time he visits the Mockingbirds will have added Celtic instruments to their repertoire. Spring Trees are colorful as leaves, buds and blossoms burst open.  The Forest is painted in vibrant pink, orange, silver and green twinkling is a subtle breeze.

Get out and play in the Urban Jungle, Nature is everywhere.




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