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The Perfect Light can be found in the rain and mist of a dark day

HSNP Hot Springs Mt Trail Pagoda Valley View

HSNP Hot Springs Mt Trail Pagoda Valley View

Usually you see a slide show at the top of my blog, today I wanted to show you the perfect light  as mentioned in my blog title.  Many would say this is the kind of day to stay in and edit my photographs, they would of course be wrong.  Dark days with a bit of mist and rain make the colors of the spring Forest shimmer with a rich vibrancy.   Also creatures who might otherwise be hiding on bright sunny days make themselves visible in the darker conditions.   Even tiny Wildflowers pop out on the trail as colors provide contrast to the grey sky.

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In the dim light glorious Spiderwort glows in beautiful bouquets along the trail.  A juvenile Peregrine Falcon lands on a branch above me and calls to its parents.  Wild Wisteria winds through the Trees and its purple blossom clusters sway on the morning breeze.  Birds Foot Violets from pale pink to deep purple have pushed up through the dense ground cover, many now coated in a light mist.   Dogwood Blossom hover in the distance leading me forward in the grey.  Into the darkness and rain provided the perfect light to photograph Natures beauty.

Love to ALL!

Some Of My Favorite Moments from 2010

Hot Springs Mountain Road - Lost Puppy

Hot Springs Mountain Road – Lost Puppy

January 16 2010Lost shot conceals a hidden treasure

This was the first day I blogged about a hike in Hot Springs National Park. I saw the puppy above on the Hot Springs Mountain Road and after failing to catch it I thought posting a photograph might let the owner know it was still alive. The blog got the attention of my Twitter and facebook friends so I decided to continue posting my adventures. I backed dated and added images and information from my notes to create posts going back to first day I hiked in Hot Springs National Park in November 2009. Over the past year I have posted 8,665 images, made 251 blog entries and begun making videos as well. I am thankful to have been able to upgrade from using a compact camera to a DSLR this past November.

To those who have read my blog this past year I am grateful for your company as I hike ;) You kind thoughts and comments are a treasure beyond words.

Hot Springs National Park Ice Snow HS Mountain Trail

Hot Springs National Park Ice Snow HS Mountain Trail

February 2010 – The Lovely Creatures of the Forest on the Hot Springs Trails

Hot Springs National Park Pagoda Cedar Waxwing

Hot Springs National Park Pagoda Cedar Waxwing

March 2010 – Peregrine Falcon, Wildflowers, Lovely Birds and Small Mammals

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Birds-Foot Violet and Hornet

April 2010 – Snakes, Lizards and a Turtle Happy Earth Day!

Upper Dogwood Trail Texas Rat Snake

May 2010 – Lovely Dragonflies, Butterflies, Moths, Bumble Bees and Wildflowers

Floral Trail Blue Moth

June 2010 – Bunnies, Baby Birds and a Sweet Chipmunk

Tufa Terrace Chipmunk

July 2010 – Baby Birds on Soul Day

Superior Bathhouse Northern Mockingbird Chick

August 2010 – The Glorious Wings of Summer

Promenade Butterfly Weed Brown Orange Moth

September 2010 – Winging My Way Through the Park and Twilight Snakes

Hot Springs Mountain Road Copperhead

October 2010 – Testing new camera among the Autumn Leaves

Arlington Lawn House Sparrow

November 2010 – Beautiful Birds of West and Music Mountains & Woodpeckers, Chickadees and Who is the Rock Stacker?

West Mountain Oak Trail Autumn

West Mountain Canyon Trail Seed Pod

December 2010 – A Mixed Flock Of Little Birds and a Near Miss

Hot Springs Mountain Top Red Breasted Nuthatch

Field Notes: Turkey Vultures
Field Notes: Wild About Mockingbirds
Field Notes: Ice Ribbons and Frost Flowers
Field Notes: Damselfly Dragonfly its in the Wings and Eyes
Field Notes: Mixed-Species Foraging Flock Robins and Waxwings
Field Notes: Woodpeckers Of Hot Springs National Park

The Best Of: Trails and Paths
The Best Of: Butterflies and Moths
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The Best Of: Chipmunks

Peregrine Falcon, Wildflowers, Lovely Birds and Small Mammals

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Birds-Foot Violet and Hornet

The sun rise is spectacular as I head into the park, rays of light beaming between the forest giants. The lower reaches of the park are quiet so I head over to the Dead Chief Trail and connect with the Short Cut Trail.  As I near the top I see both a Male and Female Hairy Woodpecker flying from Tree to Tree.  They are a beautiful site high up in the Tree Tops.

When I reach the top of the mountain I hike over to the Pagoda.  As I head up the Trail a squirrel hangs off the side of a Tree showing me it’s lovely Nut treat.  When I finally reach the Pagoda a Male Cardinal is sitting in a bush in front of me.  I believe he can see me and I am surprised he does not fly away, instead he hops around on the bush. Much later he flys up into a Tree above me to sing a song to the sunrise. His coloring is glorious in the bright sunlight.

The Hot Springs Mountain Trail it is very quiet and I begin my hike in the eerie silence.  I am surprised when a Chipmunk  pops up looks at me, ignores my presence, looks away and sounds an alarm.  This alarm is echoed by other Chipmunks all along the Trail.  Even as I move closer the Chipmunk continues to ignore me.  Suddenly up off the forest floor a bird rises up and lands in a Tree.  I cannot make it out in the distance what type of bird it is other than knowing it is larger than the birds I normally see flying in this area.  It is not until I see the images on my computer I discover it is a Peregrine Falcon.  It is an unexpected site.

I cross the Hot Springs Mountain Road and continue my hike on the West side of the Hot Springs Mountain Trail.  I am so happy to see a sweet White-Throated Sparrow flying among the lovely new green forming along the Trail.  I find another patch of Birds-Foot Violets, a bee is busy collecting pollen from each flower.

I continue on the path until I reach the Honeysuckle Trail then connect with the Peak Trail. Squirrels are busy foraging for nuts in the leaves and I watch as they find their burred treasure.  I can still hear rustling of leaves, looking up I see a squirrel pushing a pile of leaves up a Tree. It is the first time I have witnessed this.

From the Peak Trail I connect to the Promenade and it’s a beautiful explosion of wildflowers.  Henbit and Dead Nettle are blooming everywhere, a big Yellow and black Bumble Bee is pollinating the Wildflowers.  As I exit via the stairs a lovely little House Sparrow looks down at me from the Hospital Steps above.

Let your Love carry you to Nature.

PS I had a lovely hike with my Love Rick this evening.  I showed him all the glorious new wildflowers, a lovely Northern Mockingbird paid us a visit and we stopped a woman from abandoning her dog in the park.  It was wonderful night out!


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