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Happy Earth Day 2011 – Fog, Rain and Wind in Rainforests of Hot Springs National Park

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Happy Earth Day! Please enjoy these photographs taken in the Rainforest on Hot Springs and North Mountains in Hot Springs National Park. The morning was foggy, rainy and windy perfect weather for a hike on Earth Day. I hope you will enjoy the photographs of my hike through the Rainforest. The Universe has been feeding the Forest for several days and now the creeks are full so they will provide a much needed resource for the park residents.  What others see as bad weather I see as life, these storms have been a blessing.

Love the Earth!

PS:Note to Hot Spring national Park management… having staff mow down the fields of Wildflowers on Earth Day seemed an odd way to celebrate.  Tourists and hikers actually enjoy seeing and photographing the beautiful blooms and you feature them on several pages within your website (Plants, Natural Features & Ecosystems, Outdoor Activities, Sunset Trail). The many insects that pollinate the park feed from their spectacular flowers; including but not limited to Butterflies, Moths, Bees and Wasps.  Not sure if your conservation team is communicating with the park maintenance staff, but it might be a good topic to discuss.  Wildflowers are as your website states an important part of the Ecosystem.


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