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The Eight Leg Invasion and a Cheeky Squirrel

Arlington Lawn Squirrel

A perfect start to my hike, a Squirrel sticking it’s tongue out at me.   Three Squirrels on the Arlington Lawn feeding after a large storm blew through last night.  I am going past on my way to the Floral Trail, I decide to take a couple of photos.  When I turn to photograph the closest Squirrel it sticks it’s tongue out at me. What next ” nah nanah nah nah”.

As I head up the Hot Springs Mountain side of the Floral Trail I am constantly aware of ever foot step I take.  An invasion is occurring along almost every trail.  What I have discovered is Palpatores Sclerosomatidae Leiobunum or the Daddy Long Leg Spider.  They are everywhere, on the the Trail, Leaves in Trees, on Fungi etc.  The Invasion is on every trail and I must look like I am hopping on hot coals trying avoid stepping on them.

Heading up the Hot Springs Mountain Trail to the top I spot lovely fungi all along the trail.  I continue my journey playing the Spider hop.  They remind me of the machines in War Of The Worlds, I will keep an eye out for the red weed.  I decided to take the trail around the east side of the mountain and see the lush green covered in rain drops.

My hike stops being enjoyable as I reach the trail head and cross the North Mountain Loop.  The sole on my right boot starts to come apart.  This is not a good thing as I am about 2 miles from home and all I can think about is don’t let it completely come off. They were suppose to last two years :) 6 months, 750+ miles and BAM the sole fell apart. Okay I guess that is a lot of wear over a winter to spring hiking season.

I am relieved to get home before the whole sole fell off. Back to my low tech Sabago Leather Stitched Sole Italian Hiking Boots. Now I need suggestion for a summer pair of boots and a winter pair as well.

Dance lightly in Nature to protect her smallest creatures.
Love to ALL!

PS: 2 weeks till I become Mrs London!!!!! I am so excited and proud to be marrying Rick.


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