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Life and Death on the Trail in Cedar Glades

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Last weekend early morning in Cedar Glades Park I photographed a bit of Nature on the side of the trail that I did not realized was an empty Box Turtle shell.  The sun was still low and I could not see everything clearly.  Later on the hike we discovered a male Box Turtle in the middle of the trail.  My husband Rick picked him up and to move him off the mixed use (mountain bikes and hikers) trail.  A team of three cyclists had buzzed past us earlier and now after seeing I had photographed an empty shell I know my husband likely saved a life that day.

Love to ALL!


Colorful Prairie Racerunner

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Usually a Prairie Racerunner Lizard is too fast for me to capture an image. I will see a tail diving into leaves or a blur of yellow streaking past me.  My wonderfully tall husband Rick spotted this beautiful Lizard and I immediately leap across rocks trying to get ahead of it. My attention was to catch an image as this colorful creature ran past me.  It was a surprise when we ended up facing one and other.  I stepped back onto a higher rock giving room in case it wanted to flee.  It didn’t so I was blessed to get these lovely images.

Love to ALL!

Feb 24-26 2014 First Signs of Spring

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In the Forest I see beyond sight to feel the beauty of our Earth. ~ Lee Hiller

I was a bit busy this past week and am late posting these.  Yesterday, March 03 we received another coating of ice and dusting of snow. Sadly this likely killed the early Wildflower Blossoms, Butterflies and Lizards I captured hiking a week ago. The Last week of February 2014 was in the upper 50s but, March roared bringing sub-freezing temperatures (11 degrees F).   Climate change continues to be brutal in Hot Springs National Park.

This preview of Spring feels so long ago…

Love to ALL!

Early Spring Arrivals in Purple and Blue

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I sit inside today watching lightning strikes, pea size hail and heavy rain.  The darkening sky mimics night as a series of storms blow through for a forecast of five hours.

When my husband and I took a quick hike yesterday the sky was a brilliant blue with a spectacular winter sun warming the Rocks and Forest floor.  Beautiful patches of Bluets, Chickweed and Dog Violets dotted the park trail and road edges.  A familiar scurrying sound was ever present as we interrupt lizard sunbathing on the trail edges.  A big male Prairie Lizard flashes his bright blue belly scales from on top of a cluster of Rocks.  It had not rained for 5 days but the soil was saturated and seeping on several trails. It appears as if the drought has lifted in time to create a spectacular spring for 2013.

Love to ALL!

Hike Our Planet Nature Break Video

I am never lost in the mountains, it is where I found myself. ~ Lee Hiller

As Summer Heat Fades Signs of Autumn Appear on the Hiking Trails

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The Universe’s Love caresses the earth, its golden embrace fills my Soul in mornings first light.  ~ Lee Hiller-London

Summer heat is fading into cooler days and the Forest has begun its transition to autumn.  Early morning light illuminates the Forest as I head up the Canyon Trail on West Mountain. Beautiful wildflowers abound on the Oak and West Mountain Trails in purple (Southern Blazing Star and Common Dittany), green, pink (Slender Bush-Clover and Small Leaf Tick-Trefoil), yellow (Partridge Pea and Yellow false Foxglove), blue (Asiatic Dayflower) and white (Nodding Ladies’ Tresses, Flowering Spurge and Deerberry).

Colorful False Turkey Fantail Fungi are banded in green, gold, rust, burgundy, grey, purple and white cover fallen Forest giants.  Autumn Leaves have begun to dot the landscape both in the Trees and on the path.  Spectacular leaves of vibrant yellow, rich red and bright pink glow in the rising morning sun.  Baby Lizards are darting back and forth as I reach the top of West Mountain and onto the Sunset Trail.  The view of the valley below stretches far to the Ouachita Mountain Forests past the sparkling blue Lakes of Catherine and Hamilton.

Delicately moving in the distance among the Trees Whitetail Deer scatter at the tiniest sound.  A small Nuthatch hops skyward on a tall Short Leaf Pine as I hold my breath and try to get closer to a young Buck nibbling on leaves.  Cool breezes gently tug at my hair as I stop to watch Common Dittany swaying gracefully along the trail edges. When I step out of the Forest I glace back once more into its beauty before I head home.

Much Love to ALL!

John Muir, a Lizard, Turtle and Wildflowers

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Dear John Muir,

I come humbled by your message and sadly late to the congregation.  Although your body has passed your spirit still delivers passionate sermons among the Trees.  Once heard in Natures voice your message to mankind became part of my heart forever.

In the Forest I hear a choir so sweet it often brings tears and I wonder if its song is a whisper to my Soul from the Universe. There is not a Rock or Flower that does not hold my Heart as I pause to learn its secrets. How is it I could have reached fifty plus years before knowing the intimate beauty of Nature?  I am thankful my life will from this point forward move in unison with the natural world.

Thank you for being there to guide me as I hike within Natures sacred spaces.

Much Love,

Five Hour Hike Pt 1 – Wildflowers, Flowering Trees, Lizard and Song Birds

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First special thanks to my twitter friend @USWildflowers for identifying the False Garlic I photographed along the Tufa Terrace. Please visit their website http://USWildflowers.com

I did not think I would be hiking for five hours when I stepped out the door. A big storm is coming so I wanted to photograph all the lovely Wildflowers and Flowering Trees prior to the arrival of the high winds, rain and lightning.  It never occurred to me there would be so many spring blooms along the trails.  I kept hiking taking photographs following Wildflowers and lovely song birds.

As I leaned in to take a photograph of a Birds-Foot Violet on the Goat Rock Trail I found myself eye to eye with a Northern Green Anole.  Now brown and blending into the Tree to my side it was a wonderful surprise.  It was a joy to find both pink Oxalis and Pussy Toes sprinkled along the tail edge between patches of Violets.  When I arrive at the Hot Springs Mountain Trail head there is a lovely field of Springs Beauty.  They are a spectacular display of small white with pink stripe Wildflowers.

Along the Hot Springs Mountain Road rich purple wild Violets have sprung up within the dark green foliage.  Wonderful blossoming Trees are glowing in the morning light along the road leading to the top of the mountain.  Nature has brought a glorious early spring to Hot Springs and the National Park.

Please enjoy part one of my photographic spring journey before the winter storm this weekend.

Love to ALL!  Dance across the Mountains and Forests with me.

Some Of My Favorite Moments from 2010

Hot Springs Mountain Road - Lost Puppy

Hot Springs Mountain Road – Lost Puppy

January 16 2010Lost shot conceals a hidden treasure

This was the first day I blogged about a hike in Hot Springs National Park. I saw the puppy above on the Hot Springs Mountain Road and after failing to catch it I thought posting a photograph might let the owner know it was still alive. The blog got the attention of my Twitter and facebook friends so I decided to continue posting my adventures. I backed dated and added images and information from my notes to create posts going back to first day I hiked in Hot Springs National Park in November 2009. Over the past year I have posted 8,665 images, made 251 blog entries and begun making videos as well. I am thankful to have been able to upgrade from using a compact camera to a DSLR this past November.

To those who have read my blog this past year I am grateful for your company as I hike ;) You kind thoughts and comments are a treasure beyond words.

Hot Springs National Park Ice Snow HS Mountain Trail

Hot Springs National Park Ice Snow HS Mountain Trail

February 2010 – The Lovely Creatures of the Forest on the Hot Springs Trails

Hot Springs National Park Pagoda Cedar Waxwing

Hot Springs National Park Pagoda Cedar Waxwing

March 2010 – Peregrine Falcon, Wildflowers, Lovely Birds and Small Mammals

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Birds-Foot Violet and Hornet

April 2010 – Snakes, Lizards and a Turtle Happy Earth Day!

Upper Dogwood Trail Texas Rat Snake

May 2010 – Lovely Dragonflies, Butterflies, Moths, Bumble Bees and Wildflowers

Floral Trail Blue Moth

June 2010 – Bunnies, Baby Birds and a Sweet Chipmunk

Tufa Terrace Chipmunk

July 2010 – Baby Birds on Soul Day

Superior Bathhouse Northern Mockingbird Chick

August 2010 – The Glorious Wings of Summer

Promenade Butterfly Weed Brown Orange Moth

September 2010 – Winging My Way Through the Park and Twilight Snakes

Hot Springs Mountain Road Copperhead

October 2010 – Testing new camera among the Autumn Leaves

Arlington Lawn House Sparrow

November 2010 – Beautiful Birds of West and Music Mountains & Woodpeckers, Chickadees and Who is the Rock Stacker?

West Mountain Oak Trail Autumn

West Mountain Canyon Trail Seed Pod

December 2010 – A Mixed Flock Of Little Birds and a Near Miss

Hot Springs Mountain Top Red Breasted Nuthatch

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A Colorful Hike in the Autumn Forest

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Whether you are Democrat, Green, Independent, Republican or non affiliated please thank President Obama… why? He increased funding for national parks and forests by 10%!  No matter your political leaning don’t let you government representatives overturn this as they wrestle to control the budget.  It is a VERY VERY VERY SMALL piece of the budget pie, but is so important to preserving our environment.

Field Notes:
I hiked over to the Goat Rock Trail and finally saw a very elusive color changing lizard.  Surprisingly the Northern Green Anole allowed me see it  moved slowly among the leaves.  I was so excited to this little beauty and feel blessed to share these photographs with you. A delicate creature moving with grace.

The Autumn Leaves on the Upper Dogwood were spectacular, color was bursting forth all along the trail.  I felt like I was in the movie “What Dreams May Come” a surreal world of changing color filled with bird song.  I hope in some small way you can feel the beauty of Forest path via my images.

Purple Aster are decorating almost every trail in the Forest. They vary in size and intensity of color throughout the park. These tiny wildflowers are sprouting in single blossoms and in clusters on long stalks.  A beautiful but rare sight are multiple clusters and patches of these purple flowers.  It is amazing how their delicate petals have held up against the rain and blowing winds. The contrast of the purple petals and yellow centers are irresistible.

On the Hot Springs Mountain Trail I was excited to see the return of a favorite winter friend, a female Dark-Eyed Junco. In January to April 2010 they were constant companions during the harshest winter days when I hiked on Hot Springs Mountain.  Mid way down the Gulpha Gorge Trail I saw Male Prairie Lizard sunning it self on the side of the path.  You can see a glimmer of bright blue just below his chin.

At the Hot Spring water cascade I stood on the Tufa Terrace watching a Northern Mockingbird and Male Cardinal.  Both stood in the therapeutic water as if they were visiting a spa and drank the mineral elixir pouring over the tufa rocks to the pool below.  This is a spot I will have to spend more time as the weather cools off as it attracts those that winter in the park.

Thank You for venturing into the Forest with me.
Much Love to ALL


Across Hot Springs and North Mountains

Arlington Lawn Future Magnolia

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Tufted Titmouse

Upper Dogwood Trail

Floral Trail Red Spotted Purple Butterfly

Take a hike with me across two Mountains in Hot Springs National Park.  This morning a cool breeze is traveling across my skin as I enter the park.  I am greeted by a tiny sparrow dusting itself in the dry soil below a Magnolia Tree. No longer in bloom the elegant Magnolia seeds sleep in a velvet cocoon high in the dark leaves.

On the Carriage Road I look up to see a beautiful moon rise over West Mountain.  As a Cancer child moon rises always make me feel happy. When I reach the Dead Chief Trail I see a beautiful large blue rock perched next to the stairs.  Early morning light often reveals beautiful details.

When I reach the top of Hot Springs Mountain the clods are clearing and the sun is shining brightly.  On the Hot Springs Mountain Trail I can hear the song of a Tufted Titmouse.  I Look up to see it hopping from branch to branch in the tree above me. It is beautiful to see it’s beautiful wings as it flies across the the higher branches.  Moving along the trail I reveal in the green that will soon give way to the colors of Autumn.  Nearing the trail head I spot a sweet vireo peeking out of the leave of a tree far below me.

I Love the hike down the Gulpha Gorge Trail and onto the Goat Rock Trail.  It rough rocking pine strewn landscape always reminds me of central Oregon. All along the Goat Rock Trail I can hear the rapid scurrying of lizards.  As Goat Rock I finally spot a Five Line Skink and further up a Prairie Lizard. The last remaining wildflowers decorating the trail are Oxeye Daisies in white and lavender.  Now the trail is painted with lichen covered rock and the violet berries of Callicarpa Bush.

My hike across North Mountain via the Upper Dogwood and Lower Dogwood Trails is peaceful and meditative.  I listen to the distant songs of warblers and finches, it is the perfect song for this lovely summer morning.  When I reach the bottom of the Floral Trail a Red Spotted Purple Butterfly lands on the Rock before me.  It gracefully turns and flexes it’s wings as the breeze pushes against it.  Thank You for traveling through the Forest with me this morning.

Much Love,

Summer Tanager, Rose Chafer, Chipmunk and Rabbit

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Juvenile Male Summer Tanager

Hot Springs National Park, AR Tufa Terrace Chipmunk

Hot Springs National Park, AR Home Rose Chafer Beetle

Carriage Road Eastern Cottontail

Sometimes Nature comes to your front door and I was on my way out when I spotted a lovely green beetle. Special thanks to @Squirrelbasket on Twitter for identifying it as Cetonia Aurata (Rose Chafer).  On my way up the Tufa Terrace I am greeted by a Chipmunk standing as sentinel in the Park.  It is a beautiful way to begin my morning hike.  As another person approaches it moves to the Tufa Rock to my side.  As I connect with the Peak Trail I watch a Spider Wasp fly up the trail ahead of me.

When I reach the Carriage Road and see an Eastern Cottontail heading up the hill.  I love how it’s ears glow in the sunlight.  At the end of the Carriage Road there is a new patch of beautiful blue Asiatic Dayflowers.  I head up Dead Chief and hear a Male Cardinal singing high above me in the green leaves.  The heat is building and it is so quiet as I hike up the Short Cut Trail to the top of Hot Springs Mountain.

You appreciate the wonderful taste of water when you sweating like I am as I stand in the picnic area.  I hike along the Hot Springs Mountain Trail and I see flashes of red and green above me.  Further along I spot a Juvenile Male Summer Tanager transitioning between green and red.  It is a spectacular sight.  Nearing the Trail Head I hear a loud rustling in the leaves.  My first thought is Chipmunk, often they move leaves for nesting in their burrows.  I finally locate the source, it is a Five-Lined Skink with a giant Moth in it’s little mouth.   The Skink hauls the Moth up to a log and I can see it’s bright blue tail as it weaves it’s way through the leaves.

I hike from the Hot Springs Mountain Trail to the Upper Dogwood Trail, down the Lower Dogwood and Floral Trails.  I stop at the cold spring water station to fill my stainless steel water bottle.  When I arrive a pretty red spotted purple Butterfly and a bright yellow Moth.  They rarely land fluttering frantically around the water spigots.

As I am walking home I notice leaves are falling as if it is autumn.  The park need more rain desperately.

Never miss an opportunity to seek the wisdom of Nature.

After the Storm Sunrise, Wildflowers, Lizards and more

Hot Springs National Park Dead Chief Trail Sunrise

The storms of the past three days both tussled and fed the park and it’s residents.  It was a mixed blessing, I missed my hikes but it was lovely to stay home, cuddle up with my fiance’ Rick and enjoy the storms from a distance.

For the first time in three days the sky is free of clouds as I draw back the curtains in the living room.  The Mountain is calling to me and I get ready quickly for my morning hike.  As I enter the park I quickly notice how the rain has accelerated the foliage growth in the park.  Everywhere is lush greenery and decorated with new blossoms.

As I reach the Dead Chief Trail the sun is rising and I am in awe of the gorgeous display of light on the Trail.  A ball of light peers through the Tree tops and as it becomes brighter creates a circular rainbow. Hiking up the trail I freeze at the glorious sight of rays of light piercing the canopy and shining down on the Trail before me.  I feel blessed to be standing at this place as Nature displays her artistry.

I am hooked on the fungi in the forest and check on one of my favorite new growths as I reach the Short Cut Trail.  A tiny silvery gray slug is gliding over the surfaces of one of the lower spires.  Along the Trail the old Autumn leaves have become translucent with the saturating rains and and orange glow of the sun shining through them is spectacular.

Reaching the Top of Hot Springs Mountain I can see a sweet Squirrel having a breakfast feast.  When I reach the Hot Springs Mountain Trail below the Pagoda there is a wonderful patch of pink clover flowers on the trail edge.  Entering the forest path that crosses the Mountain I can hear the soft murmur of insects as a Blue Jay calls out to it’s flock.  I spot a small five stripe skink peeking out from the leaves and branches to my side. It is a glorious hike over to the Gulpha Gorge Trail.

On the Gulpha Gorge Trail beautiful yellow Lance- Leaf Coreopsis are decorating the trail edges.  A movement to my side reveals a wonderful Prairie Racer Lizard moving through the leaves toward a nearby Tree.  On the Goat Rock Trail the yellow wildflower display is continued and is joined by delicate Southern Sundrops.  A broad-headed skink races up the slope to my left and rests by an old piece of wood.  The male lizard has a beautiful orange-red head and a glossy body.

Further up the trail I notice  mauve flowers booming on a bush, they are so lovely.  As I am photographing them a moth lands on the leaf next to me laying flat against it’s surface.   It leaves as a Black Swallowtail Butterfly lands on a leaf below the bush with the new flowers. I turn to move down the path and see fox sitting watching me, as I raise my camera it leaps graceful out of sight it’s tail vanishing into the forest.  Only last Sunday I was was blessed to see a Gray Wolf on the trail before I went to the hospital to be with Rick.  I look forward to seeing the black bear that NPS has confirmed is in park.

I decide to hike along the Upper Dogwood Trail and I notice a leaf with a cluster of yellow eggs, it is the second of this type I have seen in the park today.  I wonder what new life these golden eggs will reveal.  I hear a Hawk’s high above me in the forest, I turn and take a random distant shot.  A Hawk is perched at the op of a dead tree watching for prey it is a lucky capture.

As I reach the Lower Dogwood Trail I spot a  talkative Blue Jay on a branch high above me sheltered by the new green leaves.  Further along the trail a female Hairy Woodpecker lands in a Tree to survey the Forest before flying off.  On the Floral Trail I see another Fungus growth, a pretty little button shaped mushroom.  When I reach the park entrance I notice two Magnolia buds have opened.  I take photographs for my fiance’ Rick who has been telling me of the beauty of the Magnolia Trees from the first day I arrived in Hot Springs..

Let Nature heal you, get out and play.
Love to You ALL!

Snakes, Lizards and a Turtle Happy Earth Day!

Upper Dogwood Trail Texas Rat Snake

As I walk up the  Fountain Street sidewalk inside Hot Springs National Park, suddenly nut shells begin to rain down around me.  I look up and see a Squirrel chewing on the sweet tender meat of a newly shelled nut.  It makes me smile to see them on this glorious Earth Day in the Park.  I head toward the Floral Trail and spot a sweet Chipmunk foraging on the hillside next to me. I am blessed to be here.

I hike up the Floral Trail to the Lower Dogwood Trail and I am surprised by a movement to the side of me. I look down and see a snake coiled up on the edge of the trail. The big North American Racer lifts it’s head as I step back to take a photo, flicks it’s tongue and heads up the embankment away from me. A perfect Earth Day gift from Nature.

I connect with the Upper Dogwood then take the Hot Springs Mountain Trail to the Gulpha Gorge. From the Gulpha Gorge Trail I head over to the Goat Rock trail.  Along the Trail I hear rustling in the leaves and wonder if its Snakes or Lizards moving about.  Another gift from Nature a Prairie Racer, the first I have spotted.  It’s brown racing stripes and changing color tail are so beautiful.  Further up the trail a plump, perhaps pregnant Prairie Lizard it sitting on a log flicking  it’s tongue at passing insects.

I am escorted along the upper part of the Goat Rock Trail by a Mourning Dove.  No matter how close I get the funny bird just keeps strolling along ahead of me.  It made me joyous to have this special guide through the Forest.  Continuing onto the Upper Dogwood Trail I can hear a light rustling sound and I look down to see a wonderful Male Box Turtle.  It is the first Turtle I have seen in the park.

As I near the top of the Trail I spot a lovely couple from New Jersey I had spoken with earlier.  They are staring at something and as I approach they point out a large (5 ft plus) Texas Rat Snake. The snake is stretched out on the Forest floor, several bulges in his body are an indication he is resting after a big feast.  Nature has blessed me again with the sight of this glorious snake.

I hike from the Upper Dogwood to the Lower Dogwood and off North Mountain via the Floral Trail. Special thanks to the engineer of the cute rock sculpture I discovered along the trail today.  It has been a perfect Earth Day in the Park, thank you for sharing it with me.

Love You All,