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Nature’s Painted Rocks in the Winter Forest

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Winter is often regarded as barren and bleak in a mixed Tree Forest (deciduous, coniferous and evergreen).  The light lost by the abundant leaves of spring and summer hides a world of beauty. Once the autumn leaves have fallen light spills over the hidden surfaces on the Forest floor.  Nature paints with algae, lichen and fungus creating a spectacular display of color.  Before the Wildflowers and flowering Trees burst forth in the next few weeks seek out the treasures of the winter Forest.

Love to ALL!

Field Notes: Rocks – Nature’s Canvas

Hot Springs National Park Trails HSMT Rock Lichen Moss

Hot Springs National Park Trails HSMT Rock Lichen Moss

One of my favorite parts of the winter Forest is the details a lack of Leaves reveals.  My Father was a collector of Rocks and I was always aware of those sprinkled about our home and garden.  The Rocks that decorated our garden always being painted by Natures brush strokes.  Crystals, Lichen, Moss, Minerals and Fungi are the perfect pallet of colors to define contours and contrast the color of each individual Rock.

Each winter hike reveals the delicate changes to the art of detail.  Cherish the Leafless months and cast your eyes upon the Natures pebbles and monoliths as they are winters canvas.

Love to You ALL!

Hot Springs National Park Floral Trail Black Rock

HSNP Floral Trail Beautiful Rock

SHSNP Floral Trail Colorful Rock

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Blue Rock

Hot Springs National Park HSM Trail Lichen Rock

Hot Springs National Park HSM Trail Lichen Rock

Hot Springs National Park Goat Rock Trail Lichen Rock Moss

Hot Springs National Park Goat Rock Trail Lichen Rock Moss

HSNP Hot Springs Mountain Picnic Area Rock

HSNP Lower Dogwood Trail Winter Crystals

HSNP Floral Trail Rock

HSNP Lower Dogwood Trail Prime Rib Rock

Beautiful Foggy Autumn Morning on West Mountain

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Field Notes:
Another Morning draped in a dense gray fog, It is glorious that I cannot see across the street to Hot Springs Mountain as I look out my window.  This is an incentive to drink my honey lemon combo and gear up for my hike. I am excited to travel on West Mountain, it will be my first trip up there in the fog.  The sidewalks are empty as I head to the access point to enter the Canyon Trail.  I love the dreamlike enchanted feeling of the Forest trails, the stillness is meditative.  Each turn and rise on the trail is a mystery.  The Autumn colors appear more vibrant against the gray, illuminating the edges of the path.   I Love the solitude of the fog, to have each step transport me into a new world of wonder and discovery.  Faint bird song fills the trail and the rapid movement of squirrels appear as shadows.  A flock of White-Throated Sparrows join me as sweet Forest ambassadors leading the way through the fog.  Each moment in the Autumn Forest is a  blessing as I know how quickly it can vanish with a single wind storm.  The Purple Aster sprinkled throughout the park are a striking contrast to the rust red and yellow leaves.

When I reach the top of West Mountain fog is stretching out across the valley below. Lakes and Mountains visible on my last climb to the top are barely visible ghosts or totally obscured by the gray.  I Love watching the energy of Nature’s ever changing dynamics.  Among the Rocks a tender gesture of beauty has blossomed since my last adventure up the mountain.  Two lovely TINY blue wildflowers have blossomed near the trail head at the top of the Mountain, I am still trying to I identify this beauty.

A small bird I cannot identify appeared in a far off Tree, I think it might be a Warbler of some type but would appreciate ID help.

As I head down the mountain the fog is clearing, and I can hear the traffic as I near the bottom of the Canyon Trail.  It has been a lovely hike and I Thank You all for joining me on West Mountain in Hot Springs National Park.

Much Love to ALL!


Hiking Into The Autumn Fog

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Field Notes:
The Fog rolling in across the Mountains in the Park is a wonderful sight.  I hurry to get ready for my hike thing the fog could lift at any time.  Out the door by 8:15 a.m.  the fog still has not lifted as I reach home at 11:45 a.m.  Nature always surprises me!

Visibility is low and I am amazed by the number of birds I am able to see.  On the Tufa Terrace as I enter the park a sweet Black-Capped Chickadee and a Dark-Eyed Junco sing sweet songs to me.  So tiny I feel blessed I was able to see them in the low visibility.  Later on the Hot Springs Mountain Trail I can hear tapping on a near-by Tree.  I try to find the source while changing my now dead camera battery.  High in a Tree to my left I spot a small bird hopping up the side on the Tree, a male Downy Woodpecker is busy searching for a meal.  Later on the Lower Dogwood a favorite cry rings out in the Forest.  I slow down to scan the branches and I am rewarded with a beautiful site.  A Male Red-Bellied Woodpecker is showing off a nut in it’s beak.

Throughout the park beautiful fog is floating along every trail.  It makes the Autumn color stand out again the gray misty background.  It is a magical mystical world as the Forest is transformed.  The fog creates a strange silence along the normally song filled trail.  Lichen, Autumn Leaves and Fungi appear to glow in the dim gray light. It is a peaceful meditative hike as I travel up and across Hot Springs Mountain over to North Mountain, then down the Floral Trail and home.

Thank You you for joining me in the beautiful foggy Forest.
Love to You ALL,

PS: Congratulations to all those who ran the half and full marathon along Central Avenue this morning.  It was a wonderful sight seeing you all emerging through the fog as I headed into the park.

Life Giving Spring Rain in the Park

Hot Springs National Park Tufa Terrace Rain Blossoms

Rain came to the park today, life giving liquid.  A little rain never stopped me, I put on my oiled cloth hat and head into the park.  The blossoms on the Tufa Terrace are coated in glistening drops, so beautiful. I stop to admire the pink that is more pronounced against the gray damp air.

The rain is cold and blowing as I hike up the Peak Trail I am fighting to protect my camera as I climb higher.  I cannot stop looking at the beautiful little leaves that are busting out on each branch. The glistening bark on the trees is spectacular as the rain deepens the color of the forest.

On the Hot Spring Mountain Trail blossoms, leaves and buds are on every branch.  The damp leaves silences my footfall and I hike meditating to the rhythm of rain falling around me.  When I reach my Wedding Chapel on the Honeysuckle Trail I go inside.  I stand in the center, close my eyes and imagine the day Rick & I will be married underneath it’s roof.

The sky is darkening and I decide to take the Floral Trail out to the park.  On my way down the many inclines I can see the beauty of the rain upon the landscape.  Moss and Lichen appears to have grown overnight, Fungus is peeling from downed logs.  Rocks have taken on a high gloss, their color enhanced by their new reflective surface.

As I reach the creek on the Hot Springs Mountain Road at the bottom of the Floral Trail it is bubbling and running fast.  The rains are feeding the entire park, spring rains are a blessing to all life in the park.

Dance in the rain and feel it’s life on your skin.
Love to You All.

Fog, Rain, Wind and Sunshine on the Hot Springs Trails

Hot Springs National Park Short Cut Trail Fog

When I woke up this morning I looked out the window and discovered the clouds were low on the mountain.  I knew I would have to hustle drink my lemon with honey, get dress and get up there before they started to lift.  Less than an hour later I was across the street and heading into the park.  No birds were in the air, but I heard a Carolina Wren in a nearby bush and caught a glimpse of a male Cardinal in a tree before he slipped up under the leaves.

I hiked non stop up the Dead Chief to the Short Cut Trail trying to reach the top before the fog lifted completely.  There is something magical when you are in the forest when it’s foggy.  Sound is softer and the winter colors seem more intense in contrast the to gray.  My hike on the Hots Springs Mountain Trail was serene in the fog and silence, hiking meditation.

As I neared the Gulpha Gorge the fog was lifting and I decided to hike up the Goat Rock Trail for a bit of cardio in the drizzle.  The dark sky made taking detail photos near impossible, it was frustrating as thee were so many Wildflowers blooming. When I reached the top of the 1.1 mile trail the wind picked up and the clouds began to clear.  Yes, I decided to hike back down the trail and photograph all the lovely Violets.

Today I saw my first Common Dog Violet, it was so small I nearly missed it’s delicate bloom.  So few are out I was excited one had survived the battering wind and rain of the night before.  Further down the trail were clusters of beautiful Bird-Foot Violets.  Spectacular Purple blossoms that looked so Sstriking spreading out down the side of the Trail. Of course I had to stop and look at each new patch of them.

I hiked back up the Gulpha Gorge Trail and reconnected with the Hot Springs Mountain Trail.  I passed two birders as I headed toward the Upper Dogwood Trail, both never stopped looking up binoculars scanning the trees.   I glanced at my Watch, realized I had been out nearly four hours and needed to pick up the pace.  From the Upper Dogwood I took the Lower Dogwood then the Floral Trail down to Hot Springs Mountain Road.  Along the road side I spotted more white Wildflowers, gorgeous Sleepy Beauty.  The wildflowers are so wonderful, Nature creates a new garden of blossoms each day.

Thank You for taking time to come with me on my hike.
Love to You ALL!

Cardinals, Lichen and Signs of Fire on the Hot Springs Trails

Hot Springs National Park Short Cut Trail Lichen Bark

Hot Springs National Park Short Cut Trail Lichen Bark

It was one of those chaotic days in the park dark skies, big equipment and signs of fires being set.  The big equipment included a dump truck, a tractor and a trail buggy.   This silenced much of forest and sent it’s inhabitants deeper into the trees.  Some of the peace I hoped for was lost, but I understand the important work involved in maintaining the trails.

It was a turbulent morning in the Park, many of the creatures were beautiful silhouettes as I strolled along the Tufa Terrace.  A male Cardinal was just above me pecking at berries, while a female moved on to a bare limb as the sun tried to peek out. A sweet Squirrel lept onto a rock in front of me, paused and quickly ran up a tree.  I watched as they jumped from Tree to Tree in the highest limbs available.  As I head toward the Dead Chief Trail a Turkey Vulture does a fly by.

On the Dead Chief Trail the Blue Jays, four of them were making an odd murmuring noise.  It’s the second day I have heard them display this unusual sound.  The Crows are back on the South side of Hot Springs Mountain today and As I climb higher the forest is becoming so quiet. As I hike up the Trail I see bark and many rocks beautifully decked out in Lichen, it is Nature’s beautiful art work.

The sky from the Pagoda it’s a lovely mix of blue and pinkish yellow, it appears to be getting darker again.  I wonder if it might rain and decide I had better move down to the Hot Springs  Mountain Trail.  I love this trail and always feel serene as I journey along it’s many bends and slopes.  I often stop and shoot down into the forest hoping I will capture and unexpected treasure.  Until today it had always been forest trees.  My shot revealed a woman way off the trails with two black dogs off leash.  Who knows how much habitat they were destroying.

At the trail head I ran into Tony Caver of the National Park Service, he was driving a tractor moving soil and gravel to repair the storm damaged trails. I want to tell him it’s a loosing battle, Nature always wins.  After a quick visit and a promise more employees will be sending me photos I head off to the second section of the trail.  From the Hot Springs Mountain Trail I connect to the Upper then the Lower Dogwood Trail. Slowly the sections of the park that had remain cold longer were seeing increasing numbers of birds and small mammals.

I made a disturbing discovery when I reached the junction of the Lover Dogwood and Arlington Trails.  Someone had built a large fire in the middle of the path, chard branches were spread out on the forest floor.  On the second section of the loop I discover a large log that was burnt all along the underside.  I suspected people were hiking up the trail from the city below and connecting with the Lower Dogwood.  When I reported the burns  to the NPS, there seemed to be little concern about the fires being set and the bigger issue for them was why the maintenance crews had not cleaned up the mess.  Personally I would want to find a way to get those starting the fires so they don’t burn down the forest.

Saddened by the NPS attitude I made my way over to the Floral Trail and hiked down off North Mountain. I hoped I would not see  North Mountain on fire because no one thought it was important to investigate.  I Love My Park.

Thank You for hiking with me today.


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