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Spring brings Wings of all shapes and Colors

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This blog is to encourage you to get out an play!  Although it was a busy day I knew I needed to get out and breath in Nature.  I did not leave the lower reaches of Hot Springs Mountain and kept to mostly groomed areas.  During a 1 1/2 hour walk on paths and lawns I discovered so many beautiful sights and creatures.  Tiny colorful Moths flitted between wildflowers and clover buds.  Elusive Clearwing Hummingbird Moths appeared from inside Azaleas and perched on Periwinkle.

Sparrows searched grass for tasty spring Insects and hopped up to see what I was photographing.  Northern Mockingbirds flew to close branches to share a sweet song.  Caterpillars and Spiders took perilous journeys risking life and limb to cross brick and concrete paths frequented by humans.

The lawns I carefully traversed were filled with beautiful sights often missed when I had scanned the landscape as a whole. We don’t have to find remote places to enjoy the beauty of Nature, if we slow down.  We ca stop to watch a colorful patch of flowers or clover and see the life it feeds and shelters.  I hope you can take a moment to step outside and breath in Nature.

You can see answers from the Universe in even the smallest Sparrow’s eyes. ~ Lee Hiller

Love to All,

Wildflowers, Fungi, Squirrels, Chipmunk, Birds and Bee Hunters

Promenade Yellow Butterfly Weed

Hot Springs Mountain Trail Black-Eyed Susan

Tufa Terrace Chipmunk

Today’s Contest Clue:  This Trail connects the Short Cut Trail to the Gulpha Gorge Trail Click here to enter

My hike took place yesterday and normally I would have typed a beautiful tale of my hike through the park.  The forest was filled with runners yelling as they jogged with each other, yelling at me to step aside and yelling into their cell phones. I saw many beautiful places and details in the park, but I felt battered by the human noise. I want so much to stop them and say “Indoor Voices Please”.

The saving grace was a lovely walk in the evening with my beloved Rick and then another walk with him this morning.  Storms are moving in and I will be happy to hike in the rain tomorrow as it will be peaceful.  Please forgive my departure from the usual commentary, I ask you please enjoy the photos of all the lovely creatures I met along the way.  When the joggers would leave the area they still came out to see me and for that I feel blessed.

I saw a glorious orange insect on yellow Butterfly Weed, a lovely little squirrel walked over to me so I could take a photo,  beautiful wildflowers and fungi accented the forest.  When Rick and I were leaving the park this morning a sweet Chipmunk walked up, it was a sweet sight.  After a few minutes it peeked around the corner, saw people coming and nearly ran over Rick trying to take cover.  It was a wonderful way to end our morning.

Sometimes we forget how to slowdown and listen to Nature, it has so much to say to us.
I send Love to you ALL!


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