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Between the Storms Springs is Revealed on West Mountain

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I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, something we have not seen in Hot Springs for approximately a week.  Lately I get up to to sunshine and watch in dismay as the skies darken before I can get out the door to hike.  Today the sun does not vanish behind clouds as I sip my lemon and honey.  With a joy filled heart I prepare my cameras and head out the door to the Canyon Trail access point for my hike up West Mountain.

When I reach the trail head I can see a shimmer of color glowing from the tips of each branch. This is my first Spring hiking on West Mountain and I am transfixed by the delicate changes. Lovely Wildflowers line the trail in varying shades of purple and sunlight illuminates the Dogwood Blossoms delicately perched above me.

Moving along the Oak Trail I can see the the gentle greening of the Trees and Bushes.  The Forest Birds are building nests, they stay high up in the canopy while preparing a safe place to lay their eggs.  As if on a breeze there is a gentle song of tiny Warblers floating above me as hike further along the east side of West Mountain.  I try to take a photograph of a Warbler but it flies away before the shot is complete and I discover instead an out-of-focus photo of two Squirrels peeking out of a hole in a Tree.

Nearing the West Mountain Trail I look up to see a bird land in the Tree above me.  The sun glances off bright yellow feathers that are a vibrant contrast to the black and white markings, it’s joyful song lets me know it is a Yellow-Rumped Warbler. This is the first one I have seen with darker markings, including a black mask across its eyes.

The weather soon begins to change. a cold breeze on the West Mountain Top Trail make me shiver.  Clouds begin to darken the sky and I decide due to recent local lightning strikes it might be best if I head down and across the mountain to return home.

Spring rebirth is Natures message to embrace change.
Love You ALL!

PS  Sadly the photograph of the discarded aerosol can may indicate huffing is occurring on West Mountain.


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