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Lets All do the Mockingbird Hop

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Although many beautiful creatures were seen visits to the Hot Springs National Park this week it was the hopping Mockingbird that really grabbed my attention. On two separate occasions I spotted hookbeak the Northern Mockingbird was perched atop the dome of the Quapaw Bath House.  His loud singing was echoing through the Historic District and into the Mountains.  While watching his serenade to the park I noticed he would hop up flapping his wings momentarily hovering above his perch.  I am uncertain if this is a mating or territorial ritual or both, but I had to share this wonderful display. My husband Rick and I were mesmerized.  Please see the video below…

My other favorite sighting is set of photos is of the lovely female Squirrel with the bobbed tail.  I felt a be voyeuristic peering through the leaves watching her graceful grooming. A lovely Blue Jay landed in the Tree above me and what I thought was dried leaves turned out to be a white Moth shedding a rust colored covering. Oh and don’t miss the sweet trio of House Sparrow Chicks.

Don’t forget Nature is waiting to wrap you in her beauty!

Love to ALL,


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