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Wildflowers and Blossoms: Springs Paints Hot Springs National Park

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This is dedicated my Beloved Husband Rick London who does not complain when my photo safaris carry on past time expectations. His Love and support of my work is a blessing beyond words.

Morning began with a serenade from a Chickadee hanging on a lamp post… I knew it was going to be a perfect day!  I was out from 9am to 12:30pm and then back out from 1:30pm to 4:00pm on my expedition see Spring in action.  I spent the day hiking across Hot Springs National Park searching for the wildflowers appearing in an explosion of color.  We have another storm rolling in on Sunday so it feels as if I am racing against time to catch the beauty before rain and lightning arrives. I hope you will enjoy the beautiful wildflowers and blossoming trees… swimming turtles and lovely birds too!

Lets all play in Natures garden

Crows, Blossoms and Squirrels on the Hot Springs Trails

Hot Springs National Park Park Entrance Squirrel In Ivy

I was a bit late into the park this morning and thought all the tiny creatures of the forest would be hiding.  I headed up Fountain Street to the Park entrance via the Floral Trail, I stopped at the edge of a slope to get my camera out. I heard a rustling and turned to see a squirrel sitting next to me. I was sure it would run when I lifted my camera up to take a photo.  After I took a couple of pictures the squirrel walked up to me and then the Uh Oh look crossed it’s face. We both backed up and headed in opposite directions.

During the time I was standing near this sweet little squirrel  a Crow across the road kept pacing back and forth.  It appeared to be waiting for me  to leave.  Climbing up the Floral Trail I saw more daffodils  trumpeting  in spring and little buds forming on the many branches along the trail. The Morning sun rose above the tree tops as I climbed higher, it was a perfect spring morning.

Along the edges of the Trail I notice beautiful wood and delicate fungus fans.  The forest is as always a magical place showing me little details of the fragile universe of the park. Far in the distance birds are singing it the tree tops, it carries me up the many inclines on the way to the Lower Dogwood Trail.

As I reach the beginning of the Lower Dogwood the skies begin to cloud over and a sheer golden veil lights the trail ahead.  The glow makes all the baby buds and leaves radiate in the forest  I cannot imagine a more beautiful place in the world than the backside of the Lower Dogwood. A small squirrel is on the trail ahead and I cannot help smile at it beauty. I wish Rick was here to see this too.

As I head back over the the Floral Trail to leave the park a flock of crows lands near me.  They have been all over the park the past month and I have noticed it is harder to find small birds in the lower bare branches.  Several days ago I saw a flock that had at least eight members.  They have become a powerful force in the skies above the park.

It has been a lovely morning in the park and a joy to have you with me.

PS I went on another three mile hike later this evening and I was not alone, my beloved fiance’ Rick was with me.  We climbed to the top of Hot Springs Mountain, the first time for Rick in five years.  I showed him my favorite squirrel spot and took him to see our wedding chapel in the forest.  As we finished the hike we viewed an area where a a male and female beaver have been building along a creek.  It was a wonder second hike with the man I Love.


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