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Late Summer Hike Among the Rain Drops on Mother Earth

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Let us live gently upon our Earth while we wait to be reborn as stars within the Universe.
~Lee Hiller-London

While I was hiking yesterday I thought about the many cultures that call our planet “Mother Earth”.  This beautiful planet is the womb of creation, a place to live lightly until we are reborn as children of the Universe.  There can be no future unless we protect this moment in time.  I try to be a good resident of our Earth not for myself, my actions are for those who I will never know in a future I will not see.

In these last days of what has been a brutally hot summer the rain fell for two days.  Life giving liquid caressed the plants and soil of Hot Springs National Park. Rain drips from Berries of red yellow and brown as I head up into the Forest. A small Chipmunk appears on the rocks and looks refreshed by the cooler air.  As I hike there is a rhythmic tapping on the dried leaves as gentle breezes dislodge raindrops high in the canopy above me.  Lovely greens and rusts are dotted with wildflowers of blue and yellow on the sides of each trail.

A lovely female Cardinal glances down at me as I turn to reflect on the path I have traversed. She looks spectacular against the green leaves and grey skies. I continued up the trail listening to a scraping sound in the distance. As I near the top the sound grows louder and I am able to locate its source.  Above me is a Squirrel with a big nut moving from Tree to Tree. It acrobatic movements and aerial feats are wonderful to watch.

As I cross the top of Hot Springs Mountain the skies briefly clear and I am treated to the sight of a vibrant blue sky. The green canopy sways in the air that pushed the clouds open.  Each step along the trail reveals the beauty created by the passing storms.  The trunk of each Tree is painted with deep colors and textures changing the depth as I gazing into the Forest ahead of me.  Colorful False Turkey Tail Fungi cover the logs that once stood as giants.

As I head down North Mountain there is comfort in seeing each bend of a familiar trail leading me home. A strong guide showing me the wonders of the Universe in each step along her path.  I stop as in an instant all sound ceases as if Nature is holding her breath, she slowly exhales to a chorus of songbirds.

Sometimes I dance along the trail as I am flooded with the joy of living in this beautiful place, one day someone will catch me.  I know in my heart streets of pavement cannot conquer Nature as she pushes through what man makes to hold her at bay.

Love to ALL!


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