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Juvenile Male Summer Tanager in his Transition Colors

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This beautiful juvenile male Summer Tanager landed on a branch overhead.  He proceeded to show off his breakfast catch and sang a lovely song before flying deeper into the Forest.  Soon he will resemble the lovely adult male Summer Tanager pictured below.

We are blessed to see many spectacular winged migrants in our Forest.

Love to ALL!

HSNP Male Summer Tanager

HSNP Male Summer Tanager

Love to ALL!


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One response

  1. Beautiful photos of our new neighbor (who I think has a condo in Brazil for the winter)…One thing that might be of interest to viewers is that of all the birds we run into in the forest, the tanager (and occasionally a few mockingbirds) are the only birds who seek us out. The tanager (like the mockingbird) loves to sing with us…and one of the biggest oddities is they love to show off their “meal” to us as they devour it. (They often fly down to the lowest branch to “show off their haute’ cuisine”. It cracks me up, and yes, feels blessed.

    June 5, 2014 at 7:36 pm

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