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Dreams are the Reality of our Soul’s Desire

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Dreams are the reality of our Soul’s desire. ~ Lee Hiller

The morning after my Yom Kippur fast l balked when my husband Rick said lets go hiking.  The 24 hours without food and water had left me drained.  Actually it was the lack of water, it gave me a nasty headache.  After I said no way my wuss-o-meter went off and I agreed to go,  I hoped the fresh air would clear my head.

I am thankful my husband suggested the hike.  We would have missed a lovely Doe enjoying her breakfast of tender leaves if we had not hit the trail.

Love to ALL!

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  1. Amazing; same location as the last “Wilt Chamberlain” deer (the other one was 8 ft tall); this one, a bit shorter, seemed to have buns in the oven (or would that be bucks in the oven?” In any case, she came to meet us at the same spot the other one did in July; and was not scared in the least of us. She didn’t bolt until a car pulled up behind us. If the car hadn’t come (as she was walking towards us and grazing), she probably would have let us pet her. What a beauty. Great photos too. TY Baby xx0x0x

    September 16, 2013 at 10:19 am

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