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The Perfect Light can be found in the rain and mist of a dark day

HSNP Hot Springs Mt Trail Pagoda Valley View

HSNP Hot Springs Mt Trail Pagoda Valley View

Usually you see a slide show at the top of my blog, today I wanted to show you the perfect light  as mentioned in my blog title.  Many would say this is the kind of day to stay in and edit my photographs, they would of course be wrong.  Dark days with a bit of mist and rain make the colors of the spring Forest shimmer with a rich vibrancy.   Also creatures who might otherwise be hiding on bright sunny days make themselves visible in the darker conditions.   Even tiny Wildflowers pop out on the trail as colors provide contrast to the grey sky.

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In the dim light glorious Spiderwort glows in beautiful bouquets along the trail.  A juvenile Peregrine Falcon lands on a branch above me and calls to its parents.  Wild Wisteria winds through the Trees and its purple blossom clusters sway on the morning breeze.  Birds Foot Violets from pale pink to deep purple have pushed up through the dense ground cover, many now coated in a light mist.   Dogwood Blossom hover in the distance leading me forward in the grey.  Into the darkness and rain provided the perfect light to photograph Natures beauty.

Love to ALL!

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