Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

I see and try to share the beauty of the world each day

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Yesterday 2 bombs killed 3 and injured hundreds more during the Boston Marathon. Citizens and visitors were joyfully celebrating Patriots Day, attending baseball and running for themselves or others. It was a moment to step outside the struggle of everyday life. To celebrate being human in shared happiness. Prayers don’t seem enough and my heart feels shredded. Silently my tears fall this morning for a world fueled by violence.

I see and try to share the beauty of the world each day. I will not see the point of hatred or its violent means of expression. I will never understand how some try to express their discontent with the world at the end of a gun. I will never understand how some try to win their argument with a bomb. I do not want to hear the excuses. Put down your guns and bombs they will not solve or elevate the source of your pain. Whether the cause is domestic or international your violence will deafen us to your message. I pray for you as well, I pray your heart will listen to your Soul and you will find the words to express your pain instead of violent actions. I also pray you will be found before others are hurt or killed.

Dearest Friends, Whether you are a long time visitor to my site or a new arrival please take a silent stroll with me through the Forest… let your Soul lead your Heart into the sacred spaces of peace.

Love to ALL!

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