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A flock of bandits return amidst an outburst of wildflowers

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A spectacular outing under overcast skies awaited us as we began a late afternoon stroll along the lower part of Hot Springs Mountain.  It was a bustling Sunday, there were tourists plus locals moving quickly to reach their destinations as we meandered on the paths and trails.  Mesmerized by the views of the Historic District below they missed the beauty of the tiny Wildflowers at their feet.  I on the other hand looked like a crazed Squirrel (think Hammy in Over the Hedge) pointing out every splotch of color to my patient husband as I identified each bud and blossom.   Yes, Wildflower season is when I become one with my lens… Okay, I am always at one with my lens but the adventure of finding the little blooms is intoxicating.

As the clouds darkened further a flock of tiny birds landed in the Trees below us.  I aimed my 400mm lens and realized the flying bandits (aka Cedar Waxwings) had returned.  Undeterred by the lack of light I waved to my husband as he headed home, then moved down to the path by the Trees and scrambled up the hill to their trunks.  Standing still for a 15 minutes paid off and the Cedar Waxwings moved to lower branches, which was still relatively high up.  They are tiny elusive beings and it was a treat to see their arrival.

Another glorious gloomy overcast spring afternoon in the park ;)
Love to ALL!

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