Exploring Nature One Step At A Time

My Official First Day of Spring 2013 Photographs

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HSNP Dead Chief Trail Colorful Spring Growth

HSNP Dead Chief Trail Colorful Spring Growth

I hear Nature sing her ode to spring and am drawn into her arms.  Her beauty is found in the tallest Trees and the tiniest sprouts.  Spring is an awakening love rejuvenated after silent slumber.

Love to ALL!

PS The sequester has limited the budget of our National Parks.  In many ways this is a bad thing… on the other hand in Hot Springs Nationals Park it may be a good thing.  Let me explain… our Park managers seem to view Wildflowers as weeds and they mow them down even on Earth Day.  Thankfully since the budget cuts began the Wildflowers in many of the easily accessible tourist locations are flourishing.  Wildflowers are NOT weeds, they are beautiful and visitors would LOVE to see them. I say let them grow and paint the park.  A manicured lawn is boring, a lawn with wildflowers creates beauty, attracts Butterflies and smiles.  I am also thankful they announced they will not be grooming the trails during the sequester.  Let the Forest have the opportunity to grow and flourish, the Wildlife will appreciate the extra food.   I always feel cheated when I go for a hike and it looks like the edges of a city sidewalk instead of a wilderness trail.

PPS For those of you who Love Rocks (like me)… The mountains in Hot Springs National Park (Hot Springs, North, West, Sugarloaf, Music and Indian) are part of the Zig Zags which are the end of the Ouachitas. They were formed when the earth rolled a million give or take years ago and we have the cool diagonal layers you see in the image below.  When you hike you will see a spectacular array of rocks including Crystal, Sandstone, Tufa, Novaculite etc… and the occasional Diamond too!

HSNP Upper Dogwood Trail Rock Layers

HSNP Upper Dogwood Trail Rock Layers

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