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Nature has her own way of bringing Holiday Cheer

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When I last blogged the temperature was 20 degrees above normal and wildflowers were blooming.  In response to my complaints temperatures are currently at the average for December… Who knew Mother Nature reads my blog :)  She also decorated the Trees during my hike with spectacular Male Cardinals.  Many were young with traces of yellow at the corners of their beaks and still changing wing feathers. They were more spectacular than any man-made decoration this holiday season in the park.

The view from the Pagoda above the Hot Springs Mountain Trail was serene. Winter light over the valley paints with a delicate monochromatic pale blue pallet.  Cold mornings in the park always creates an enchanting environment for hiking.  The air almost sparkles and has become clear after loosing the yellowish haze caused by high humidity during spring and summer.  When I was about to exit the Forest I heard a familiar voice and looked up just in time to see a Male Red Bellied Woodpecker.

I was hoping this lovely chilly hike would herald an early winter…  sadly the next few days shows temperatures on the rise again.  Mother Nature I hope you are reading this as the hot to cold to hot swings are confusing to both flora and fauna in Hot Springs National Park.

Love to ALL!

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