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Rise in Arkansas Temperatures Produces Spring Wildflowers in December

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Anyone who has followed my blog knows I adore Wildflowers.  The arrival of spring means I am on the hunt for the colorful beauties that poke up from the Forest floor.  Imagine my surprise when I found a lovely assortment of spring Wildflowers on Dec 03 2012 at the end of Autumn.  This got me thinking about the warmth of the morning as I was taking my photographs.  I realized I was wearing my spring hiking clothing and I was not cold.  According to the Arkansas tourism site the average December temperatures should be: http://www.arkansas.com/travel-tools/weather-in-arkansas/


  • average maximum temperature 52.4
  • average minimum temperature 35.2

At 9:30 am when I headed out to hike it was already 62 degrees heading toward a daytime high of 69.  The week of Thanksgiving we had temperatures bordering on 80.  The overnight temperatures the past 4 weeks have hovered been 58-62. It appears the Wildflowers are correct… It does feel like spring.


  • average maximum temperature 72.5
  • average minimum temperature 52.6

This year  spring temperatures arrived in late January and summer heat arrived in late April.  Global warming has arrived in Hot Springs National Park and it is changing the Forest.  Soon we will know which Trees survived the severe 2012 drought.

Love to ALL!

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One response

  1. Beautiful blog baby. I too love the wildflowers but it surely is worrisome that they are coming out in Dec (the spring ones). In some ways it is good (for me) to see it; in that at 1st I wonder if the climate change is my imagination (which is human nature) but there’s no way to deny the facts; they are right there in front of us. Beautiful photos! X0X0X0X

    December 4, 2012 at 11:33 am

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