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Golden Splendor of Autumn Paints the Forest

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I slipped into slumber and awoke to a Forest bathed in Gold… the vale of golden color coated every corner of the Forest.  Splashes of red, coral and rust painted contrasting textures within the rapidly changing tapestry of color. I hope you enjoy the artistry of autumn on West Mountain…

Love to ALL!

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One response

  1. What gorgeous shots as always baby. For those who haven’t seen this color scheme; this is West Mt which is our back yard. All the colors are real; no photoshop….but I understand the feeling; I was on this hike and saw much of the same flora and thought to myself, “Why even snap a shot…..someones going to think its photoshopped. Amazing work x0x00x0xx0x

    November 5, 2012 at 8:03 pm

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